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Stuart Ross in Miami
Stuart Ross in Miami

Lifestyle entrepreneur, education technology innovator, speaker, travel enthusiast and audiobook junkie – Stuart Ross is the Co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy, a company specializing in helping students recognize and pursue their individual talents and passions, in order to create their ideal lifestyle business.

Words from Stuart on  – The Secret To Freedom

“One of the most powerful concepts I learned from the top mentors I have worked with is the power of leverage. What do I mean by leverage? Well the dictionary says it’s: influence, power, force, control. In my words, leverage is doing more with less. Using less time, effort, energy, and investment with more income, results, value and free time. The true secret to living an abundant life is not to getting a great job, but to learning how to leverage your life.


Truly understanding this concept is what separates the poor and middle class from the wealthy. The poor are conditioned to use only enough leverage to just to get by. The middle class will work until they feel comfortable, and then stop adding value to their lives. The wealthy are conditioned to add more throughout their lives to create more wealth. They understand that creating wealth involves leveraging their time and money.”         Stuart Ross






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