Style Rules for Grown Up Men

style rules for grown up men

“A man is at the Peak of his powers between his late 30’s to his early 50’s.”

This is so true. Having just entered this time zone. I feel it. I feel that I still have some looks to work with. I feel Like I have the experience to make a difference. I have the Education to be able to work with people, from almost all walks of life. And last I feel that I still have some physical capability to do stuff. As a man. I am into my peak. This is the time to capitalise on my life experiences and set myself up for later life.

With that in mind, what are the Style Rules for Grown Up Men? I concede – I want to look good. I want to have touch of style with most things that I do and that starts with my appearence. As an Actor and a Business Owner i want to leave an impression and I want to inspire people to enjoy taking pride in your appearence. I am sure that if you asked a 90 yr old whether he would like to be 40 something and wear a nice suit or a nice outfit and look and feel good and go out for the day and flirt with the world – he would say a resounding YES.

Have you seen Real Men. Real Style ? A Youtube Channel for the average man wanting to dress better. Antonio Centeno has a huge following because he delivers so much content with care and attention. He cares about his audience. He wants you to care about how you choose to dress.


Work Smart. Be Free.

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