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This is what it is like. Soul searching while you make your body stronger and healthier. Good for you on both counts. Buy a pair of goggles today.

Why is Swimming SO GOOD?

Flexibility. Many workout regimes build your body up but not many of them make you more flexible. For many people, like myself, this is advisable. For years I tightened my body through Weight Training which I absolutely loved. But as age has started to creep in, the need to stay flexible has made itself known in my body every morning. When I swim, the next day i wakeup feeling loose and pliable. Ready to Live.

Good for the Heart. Cardiovascular Exercise is excellent for strengthening the lungs and the heart. This will help you live longer. No question.

Makes you Feel Good. With Cardiovascular exercise the blood flows through the whole body, a hormone is released called Epinephrine. The more oxygen you deliver into the bloodstream the greater amount of this hormone is poured into the bloodstream. This hormone is a natural ‘upper’ and makes you feel happy for the rest of the day. Any swimmer knows that laps in the pool does this.

Tones Muscles. Swimming is great for a figure that looks great on both Men & Women. Nice shoulders, healthy backs, good legs the swimmers body is arguably as pretty as anybody. And the muscles can help older people stay functional.

Burns Bodyfat. This is the reason many people go and exercise. Swimming places a Full Body Workout on your system and therefore burns alot of fat in 30 – 45 mins. Just make sure you don’t go crazy on high calorie post swim eating and you will trim that waistline.

This is the best exercise I have found because it ticks so many boxes. The ONE WORKOUT you will ever need.

Start or Re-start Swimming today.


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