How to Be On Camera

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When Making Videos..

Is it possible to talk to your best friend when on camera? Making videos for marketing purposes is on Fire. We all watch and consume video online and its only getting bigger and bigger. Facebook will be 50% video apparently by 2017.

Anyone can create a Youtube Channel. Have you seen all the kids on youtube with huge followings? They post regularly. They ask for a subscribers and they provide content and entertainment in their worlds. Why not make lots of videos about your products? Its just about being comfortable and knowing how to be on camera.

Most small business people know that they need to learn Facebook and Social Media to grow their businesses online. But not everyone in this category understands that they are best to use video to build trust. To see a person eyes. To see them talking to you down the lense, is very hard to beat for business.

In the Corporate scene the demand to make video that is sent in house to their staff is on the rise too. And finally the person working from home trying to kick start their little business in their passion niche – is better off learning and using video by growing a following on Youtube. To learn a little trick that can help you Engender Trust.




Next time you are on camera, imagine you are talking to your best friend.

Work Smart. Be Free.


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