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Twitter Promotions


Whether you own a business or are a professional public speaker, you can harness Twitter to work for you. There are different techniques to use in monetizing Twitter to get the best results. You can use Twitter Promotions to attract and retain your audience. The process of affiliate marketing does not have to be difficult and here are a few easy tips to streamline the process for you. Some people believe that there is not much money on Twitter. They are wrong. It is a communication tool, a branding device and a portal to other money making sites you may harness.

Twitter Promotions: Tips

Post Daily as a Habit

As Aristotle once noted, “Habit breeds excellence.” When you are beginning to market yourself on Twitter, the same is true. You should get in the habit of creating at least one post a day for your fans. Try to provide links to value-added content that is actually worthwhile and interesting for your audience. Some people make the mistake of linking to websites that do not provide value to an audience. Don’t make this mistake. Make a conscious effort to deliver quality content to your audience.


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Stand in the shoes of your audience

As you try to figure out which types of content to include on your Twitter feed, simply try to stand from the shoes of your audience. Try to think about the types of content or links that they need on a daily basis. This will help you to use more discretion in choosing excellent content to provide to audience members.

Promote Twitter on Other Forums

It is vital to promote Twitter through your personal email, Facebook account, blog, website and any other online venues that you may access. People typically find out about interesting Twitter accounts through surfing Facebook or paying attention to a particularly fascinating blog post. Posting a simple news update may be all that is required to attract ten or twenty new followers on Twitter. Ensuring that you include a Twitter feed on your blog will provide easy access to followers and serve as effective affiliate marketing.


Create Unique Twitter Promotions

Give your audience members a reason to visit your Twitter page. You can create excellent Twitter promotions that will engage your audience members and inspire them to participate in a content. Perhaps you provide a monetary gift to the person who actively creates the most tweets about your latest book, product, speech or other topic in a given week. Maybe you wish to provide an iPad to the audience member who can create a graphic design for your new Twitter feed or business account. These are a couple of unique Twitter promotions that can get your fans excited about your work.

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Use Affiliate Marketing

Also, pay attention to all of the marketing opportunities that are available on Twitter. Affiliate marketing can provide you with an excellent way to earn some cash back for the work that you already do on a daily basis. You can earn a percentage of cash back for every ad that is featured on your Twitter account. These ads will typically relate to the products or services that you provide.


As you seek to make the most out of your Twitter account and become the next one with 100,000 followers or more, these tips will help you in your journey to success.

Twitter Promotions


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