What have you got to lose?

nothing to lose


What have you got to lose? I mean Really!

The Digital Lifestyle Business opportunity that I am offering you is second to none.

And if you are serious, then you can do it. 100%.

How can I say that with confidence?


  1. The Commissions are Ridiculous. Yes the money on the back end after you have made a sale – is Ridiculously Good. People don’t believe me when I tell them the money you get paid with The SAN. But it is true. Bring in a new member into the SAN through your marketing and you earn $200 straight away. And for every month thereafter you get $20 a month for as long as they are with the SAN. You don’t have to do anything else. If you brought in 20 members you would earn $4000 immediately and you would earn another $400 every month for sitting on your bum. On top of that, most members go on to the Elite Membership which you would earn a further $1000 per sale (if you yourself are positioned at Elite). So lets say, to be conservative, out of those 20 members 5 went onto Elite. Then you would earn an extra $5,000. So for bringing in those same 20 members – you earn in total – $ 9,000 up front & then $400 a month, potentially, for the rest of your life.
  2. There is no Contract. Yes its true, you can pull out anytime you decide to and you are not in any binding contract what-so-ever. You don’t pay a cancellation fee. Pretty un-heard of. Hell, even my Gym membership doesn’t offer that. Even better, for the first 30 days there is a 100 % money back guarrantee. No questions asked. SAN has had people leave, only to come back, when they realise they are the best.
  3. The others are a scam. This is not exactly true, but there is alot of crap out there in Internet Land, which is why it is so hard for people to believe The SAN is legit. Not all Digital Marketing opportunities are a scam. Affiliate Marketing is a very real industry; people make a profession of it all over the world. But other schemes out there either don’t have the world-wide leverage of The SFM or they don’t have the Commission Structure or they don’t have the Integrity.There is immediate support and cutting edge strategies from SFM, as the internet changes every 6 months or so, so you are never put out of business. Never put out of an income.
  4. You don’t need to sell anything else. People get worried that they have create their own products to stay in business. With Affiliate Marketing you just sell other people’s products. You don’t touch anything. You don’t call anyone. You just send people the link.
  5. You can go back to your old life anytime you like – and you lose nothing. For me that is School Teaching which, is getting harder and harder every year to do casually, which is what i want to do as an Actor. So for me to call the shots is just too good. I don’t want to be stuck in a classroom forever. As rewarding as that is. Its not going to grow the financial freedom, with which I can be an Actor. With which I can do a play and still have at least $1000 a week to live off and…just smile.
  6. New Skills Learnt. Even if you decide after 3 months that The SAN is not for you, then at least you would have learned new skills that are going to help you with anything you do there-after. Nobody can take away an Education. You might decide to create a Facebook page for you – The Actor. You might deicide to market it from the techniques you learnt from SAN. You might create a Web Series and sell it yourself – Online. Because thats where everything is nowadays. Online. And the sooner you learn these skills the better off you will be.

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OR…think of this.

You have zero to lose by spending $1 trial and applying to the SAN.

You have one life.

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