What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Not difficult to understand. What if you could sell other people’s products and get a commission without having touch anything? And what if you do that without having to SELL to anyone directly? You just let people know about stuff and you get deposits into your bank account.
Affiliate Marketing
You see in Business the age of cold calling or convincing people to buy products is dead. It doesn’t work anymore. Before someone buys something they Google it, Youtube it, Research the Shit out of it online before they even go in and see the product in a store. Sometimes, and this is going to happen more and more, people don’t even go into a shop. They research & buy online and get it sent to their door. Affiliate Marketing. Somebody has probably done it to you..
Think about yourself. The last time you had to buy something, did you get convinced by a Billboard or a TV Ad? No. You were made aware of a product by advertsing and then you did loads of research online. Maybe you asked a friend. Maybe you typed a Facebook question to all your friends about the new IPhone 6 or whether to get Foxtel or whether to go see Tom Cruise’s next film or not. So this convincing is where the selling is done in 2015 and beyond. And this is done by people making money from Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing.

Referral. Make a Referral. Find customers that need stuff and recommend it to them. Simple. Affiliate Marketing is just that.

The thing is, it is new. We didn’t have this 10 yrs ago.


How many times has a friend told you to come and look at some video, photo, blog post, TV show, or whatever that is online and they have been so excited in saying that YOU MUST watch or consume this product or service. and you have ended up not giving two hoots! You are not interested. The internet has made our consumption so individual because we are living in a Global Marketplace where you can buy from anywhere and people can sell to anyone in the world. The good news is that there is someone out there just like you that is thinking and wanting to consume products just like you – you just have to find them. And once you have found them, let them know about a product that you are selling for somebody else. BOOM! You get paid money. You are an Affiliate. You are have unlimited potential to make money from Affiliate Marketing. You can advertise to the whole world, potentially.


You are a colleague of any company you choose to promote. But you don’t make the product. You don’t package the product. You don’t ship that product to their door. If they have a problem, you dont speak to that customer. It is total freedom. It is the most Hands Off Business in the world.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing and you are intrigued by this video above..




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Affiliate Marketing.




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