Wishing to be a Writer



Do you wish that you were a writer? Full time?

Many people i know that have this kind of dream really don’t like their job. They feel tied to their job or maybe they are just had enough of that job and are ready for a change.

Lets be honest to be a full-time writer is a bloody hard road. Your best bet is to have a partner that can sustain you through the financial nothingness; that will be there when you are trying to get something published.

Or Try This..



I can recommend getting up at 5am and writing for 2 hours every morning, every day – so as to realistically build your career. Bryce Courtney did that . Or maybe it was 4.30am…whatever. I remember his writing career was marked by CONSISTENT DISCIPLINE. J.B. Priestley a writer from the turn of the 20th century was known for getting up every morning and writing for four hours straight.


Write, Write, Write, Write.


Know that 80-90% of what you write will be thrown away forever more. But as an Actor – which I am – many characters that i bring to life and actually get seen by an audience go through a hours and hours, sometimes weeks of rehearsal. The audience doesn’t see all the variations I come up with. All the auditions i do, all the failed attempts at booking a job – which is 95% of the time. It’s just part of the process.

Your first book or screenplay that you complete will, most likely, be the worst thing you ever write.

If you realistically want to write, to become a writer as your major work in life, then you have to be ready to commit 10-15 years to writing – whether or not you sell anything ever. But you have to do that. SO YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT.


Get feedback from an Informed source. Someone who is in the professional world. Go to a Writer’s Guild – Click Here if in Australia. Get detailed feedback and take it on – but don’t get offended. Creative People get very offended. Myself included. Too damn sensitive. But its your writing – not YOU as a person. Its just something you churned out.


Story, Story, Story


by the campfire

Read Robert Mckee’s STORY. A trusted source of the importance of story – from a screenwriter’s perspective – as opposed to exposition and relationships. Creating something that readers can’t put down. My partner read a book recently that she could not wait to find out what happened. Engaging content is not easy to attain, but when you do, it will travel. If of course you are writing fiction. But the plot has to be the kind that will hold an audience by a campfire if told. This is what the world needs. There is an INSATIABLE need for new stories, as us older people have heard them all before. We want knew ones!


The other thing to note is that if you are wanting to become a writer but you can’t because YOU HAVE KIDS, so you have to keep a regular job to pay the bills and when you stop doing that you have to do domestics and raise your kids, then I have a solution for you..


Start An Internet Business with your BLOG

If you start a BLOG. You can write. But what so many people don’t know is how to monetize that blog. This blog you are reading has advertising all over it and I recommend products that people buy and then I get paid money as an affiliate. I don’t touch a thing. I just write my blog, distribute it online to as many sites as I can and it gets exposure. I draw a cheque. Plus i have learned SEO which teaches you how to get your website/blog ranked on the first page of Google. I write every morning sometimes for 1hr and then optimise it with images and technical stuff and then publish.


You could even publish your book online. Publish 5 pages at a time or a chapter at a time – and then if readers want more then they can purchase your book online. Now if you build a big enough following and then take that social online proof to a publishing house, then you are much more likely to get published because you have proved there is a demand for it.


You become a writer.

And of course you can self-publish with Amazon or whoever. But many creative people will say well everyone is doing that and i don’t how to sell my book online. Thats where Internet Marketing comes in.

I am an expert Internet Marketer. Let me show you how to get customers/readers.


Happy writing and please tell me what you think of this blog post.

Work Smart. Be Free.



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