You Already Have the Skills

London Bridge Selfies

All the skills for building A Digital Business you already have. All the skills you need to Live the Laptop Life – you already possess.

You see most people have a smart phone. Most people, even people over 65, have started to master the art of taking Digital Photos with their phones. This means most people can take a photo and put it into an email and press send. That is what I have done with this email.

Pretty Simple.

The lady in the picture I TOOK ABOVE, is using a selfie-stick which produces even better visuals on the go. It’s these kind of pictures that can inspire people as they follow you on your travels, just as you are here, looking at my walk across London Bridge last month.

Most people are on Facebook or some other social media. Let me know the social media you like by just replying to this email. I will get it straight away on my I-PHONE 6S Plus.

Most people have email on their phones. This means you can check and send communications to your list. This means you don’t drop out of the loop of training and updates from your digital coach – which you get when you sign up with The SAN.

The bottom line is this.

If you can do everything above and you can COPY & PASTE, then you already have all the skills you need to run an Internet Marketing Business.

Anyone can get started. And anyone IS getting started. I have a 72 yr old who lives in Nursing Home in Queensland Australia, that has started with us and she is loving the journey of learning something new.


Madeleine Bridges
Madeleine Bridges


So if you do have FEARS of TECHNOLOGY – please don’t. Its all so easy when you know.

When you Just. Know. Where. To. Click.



Work Smart. Be Free.



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