Gil Balfas in Stupid Fucking Bird

Gil Balfas is an actor from Sydney having trained for 4 years in Stanislavski under Hayes Gordon at Ensemble Acting Studios and has trained in the Meisner Technique for 2 years at The Actors Pulse. He has worked in Australian Film & TV for 20 years with 27 IMDb credits and performed in 25 plays in Sydney Fringe Theatre. Gil started off his television career with a multiple episode role of Dane Fleming an Ambulance driver in All Saints 2000-2002. He followed that with roles in Packed to the Rafters (2008), Underbelly (2009) and The Jesters (2009).

In 2010 he appeared in the ABC online drama series Bluebird AR, where he played the billionaire Harrison Wyld, trying to save the world from climate change. This drama is still online and was an ABC Innovation. In 2011 he played Julian Tenison Woods in Blessed Mary: A Saint for All Australians a TV documentary on Mary McKillop. Following that he played a lawyer Ari Badrossian again for the ABC in Crownies 2011. Birthday Adjustment Disorder (2016) marks one of the roles of his career, that of Bart the Melbourne journalist on leave in Sydney.

Most recently he was Billy Crudup’s Stand-In on Alien Covenant (2017) for Ridley Scott. In 2018 he had a small role on the much loved Australian TV show Home & Away, but the highlight was 2 Lead Roles on Stage in Sydney. Playing Gideon in Things Not To Do After a Breakup: a comedy at The Depot and Trigorin (pictured above) in Stupid Fucking Bird: a Chekhov spinoff at The New Theatre. In 2020 Gil continued on stage with The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect at Flightpath Theatre playing the title role of a writer with a habit of cross dressing when working from home. In 2022 Gil has happily appeared in two commercials one for Sydney Water and Alliance Insurance.

"And I LOVED Jeremy! (Gil Balfas) He just got crazier and crazier and funnier and funnier - exactly what I’d been hoping for."
Sandra Fairthorne
"Balfas gives a passionate convincing performance as Julien Tenison Woods..."
"Gideon Chase (Gil Balfas) says so very many things that are often shockingly funny and above all, extremely entertaining."