When Defining An Online Business…


A True Online Business combines flexibility & time freedom with small startup costs – the kind a traditional business will never allow. You purely use it to FREE UP YOUR TIME. I’m talking about enabling you to Live the Lifestyle of Your Choosing and this can really only be achieved online. 

Here’s Why:

1. It’s A Proven Model

Building an online business enables you to leverage off proven systems in order for you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in a shorter amount of time. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, tech savyy or not, any individual can set up an online business regardless of what demographic they are.

All the information is there for you to utilize. Just like when figuring out how to bake a cake or change a car tire, learning how to set up an online business isn’t any harder to attain. Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE. 

2. You Can Automate Your Business

If you build a business that needs you to be there 24/7 of the day, you know that is not going to give you that freedom and flexibility that you crave. Eventually it is going to burn you out from exhaustion. Believe me, I’ve been there!

But when you set up a lifestyle business correctly, you can automate much of the work down the line.

When I started my online business, I put a lot of initial work into building the business from scratch. It’s like any business really, you invest in a lot of time, effort and money to set it up. However what differentiates a lifestyle online business from any other brick and mortar business is the power of automation. Your business can always be running.

3. It’s Portable

One of the biggest benefits of building a lifestyle business is the portability factor. Building a business online does not tie you to one location. As long as you have a laptop and internet connection, you can be wherever it is that you’d rather be and still work on your business.

This is what I love most about working online. If I wanted a change of scenery for a day, I’d take my laptop and go to a cafe and be as productive as I can be when working on my business. Likewise if I wanted to travel, I can explore the world and truly live my life while still being 110% committed to my business and working on it wherever I please.

No longer am I tied to one physical location as what a normal 9 to 5 required me to do. No longer am I stuck in a small cubicle for most of my day. Life is worth living and being able to explore the world while working on my business is one of the major driving forces that had pushed me to become my own boss.

4. You Can Scale It

Once you figure out what works and what doesn’t you can scale that strategy in order to double or triple your income. That’s the power of leverage. You get to test small and expand what works – at will.

In My Business, when I find out what campaign or advertising works, I scale it massively – because I know what works small, works just the same BIG.

The amount of data you can retrieve from a simple advert is limitless and when knowing how to optimize your strategies based on your data, this can be a gold mine waiting to explode in your business. SCALE SCALE SCALE! That’s whats going to make you PROFIT. 

Me at My Desk

5. You Can Help Others

A key thing to understand about Your Online Business is that passion alone won’t make it a success. You need to provide a solution and genuinely help people.

Simply by sharing your success, others will become curious as to your new life and you will have the opportunity to be an example for them. This could become the most fulfilling aspect of your business but it is not the core. This is not Network Marketing. You are selling products that help people in areas of Health, Wealth, Relationships & DIY/Survival. It’s about providing real value.

At the end of the day, the more value you give out to society, the more rewards you’re going to encounter in your life and the more the universe is going to thank you for it.

Work Smart. Be Free.