The Leading Man Workout Plan

The Leading Man Workout Plan


As promised….GENTS….HERE WE GO!

Do you want to get in shape? Are you thinking you would get more work if you were more – for want of a more evolved world – buff…


Are you feeling not like a stud?

Flabby cyber body
Are you doing the right things?

We live in the Western World where individualism is celebrated. By natural extension, we have created The Beauty Myth. I am not here to debate the virtues of this myth. I am here to tell you it exists and a hell of lot of people take it seriously. So for US ACTORS out there that want to work in Film and TV – which is where the money is in acting – they need to decide whether we are going to GET BUFF…or not. For their type.

If you are half-way good looking, if you are out of shape but not really heavily over-weight, then this is a plan to take you into having an attractive leading man body, that will look good in clothes or out of clothes. Before I give you the plan to get a Leading Man’s Body in 8 weeks, let me just get the real problem of you not being in great shape out of the way first.




Surely someone has given you a sound plan to get the body of your dreams, if you are reading this. So why haven’t you gotten there? Most people in gyms, parks or living rooms have not had the consistency of regular workouts. I mean not missing one single workout in eight weeks. Writing up a training grid or Monday to Sunday, sticking it on your wall and ticking those boxes until tis done. If you did do that you would have that awesome physique.

Leading Man’s Body in 8 weeks..


Brad Pitt with in the boxing ring.
Guarranteed to book jobs.

So lets make it easier. Lets keep it simple and do-able. Particularly for the 30 or 40 yr old actor that does not have the time or the inclination, to be obsessed by his body all day long.

Leading Man Workout Philosophy..


Train and eat.

But….lifestyle is also important. So please get 8 hrs of sleep during this (maybe more if you can – like 9 hrs), drink 2 litres of water per day, and also don’t drink any beer whatsoever. If you want to have a drink, you can have 2 or 3 glasses of red wine on Saturday Nite. No more.

This is 8 weeks of focus, to get you a working actor’s body. Clearly explained above that is the reason why you are reading this blog, focus. This is very easy but YOU MUST NOT MISS A WORKOUT. Enough said.

Ok, so here goes. Do this and you will look very close to your best and have the shape that is classic and universal in its appeal. The shape of fairytales and Italian ceilings. Much like the man pictured here.

The Leading Man Workout Plan


How often? 3 days per week. Thats it.

This is for busy men that want the ultimate actor physique  without total loss of time. Just loss of fat.

Monday:            Swim       30 – 45 mins.

Wednesday:     Swim        30 – 45 mins.

Friday:              Weights       45  mins.

Rest 4 days per week.

Now some will say why so little? Can this really get results? Yes, because nutrition is more important than training. Training is the easy part, its a stress relief and it builds confidence. Why is this?

Cyber Fantasy of male bodyBroad shoulders and a small waist is the way to this body type. All great bodies of the past have this look. It commands respect and gets the job done. Many bodybuilders create a powerful body, but that forget that broad shoulders are the hallmark of what women find strong and attractive. They over develop the chest, biceps and the trapezuis muscles and this just makes a man narrow and bulky. Not the hero body at all. Most people want to see a balanced body, with some flexibility. For Actors most leading roles require action sequences that you are going to need endurance and flexibility.

The image to the right, is exaggerated but it does illustrate the point. Broad shoulders, small waist and legs that match.


Michael Phelps about to put a swimming cap on.
The shape women want.


Swimming ticks all the boxes for the actor physique.

It gives you EVERYTHING:

Flexibility, endurance, broad shoulders, a developed back, long torso, balance, strong core and fat burning. In my 15 years in show business the guy with the best body I ever saw said he did swimming only and no weights. All kinds of variations in the pool. YOU must only do 30-45 mins of freestyle swimming. If you can do it in a saltwater pool – perfect. By the end of this your skin will be beautiful. But chlorine is fine, just be aware that if you don’t wear a swimming cap you need to wash and condition your hair straight after a swim.


If there is a down side to the swimmers body its that the lack of male strength. Resistence training promotes testosterone (and bone density) in the body and if you are past 40, you will want to increase this hormone to look virile enough to compete for hero roles. So put a layer of muscle on swimmers body and you’ve got Brad Pitt in Snatch. Plus, weight training will mixup the effects of the swimming and your body will heal over Saturday and Sunday, making it more powerful for your Monday morning swim. Plus, weight training is tatamount to changing the body quickly. We have 8 weeks, so we need a FULL BODY workout that will burn some fat and build some muscle. Again we don’t want to become to beefy like a bodybuilder.


The Weights Routine:

For the Actor Physique, one should lift some weights. It will give you strength to jump in and out of scenarios that your character gets into. How much?

15 sets incorporating the whole body. You may have a routine set by your gym and thats fine, just make sure you are pumping iron for 45 mins, once a week. For those that don’t have a routine. Here goes:

1. Behind the Neck Barbell Press (wide grip) –  2 sets:  8 -12 reps

2. Bench Press (wide grip) –                               2 sets:  8 -12 reps

3. Barbell Row (wide grip) –                                2 sets:  8 – 12 reps

4. Barbell Curl –                                                  1 set:    8 -12 reps

5. Tricep Pushdown –                                         1 set:    8 -12 reps

6. Leg Extension –                                              1 set:    8 -12 reps

7. Squat (goblet squat is great) –                        3 sets:  8 – 12 reps

8. Leg Curl    –                                                     1 set:   8 -12 reps

9. Leg Raise  –                                                    1 set:  15 – 20 reps

10. Crunch  –                                                       1 set:     15- 20 reps



Every workout should be a PB. A personal best. Start easy and make each training session a little better than the last. Lets say with your swim you were able to do 14 laps last time. Try to do 15 next time. Once you hit 20 laps, you can try to finish them in less time. Once you’ve done that, you can do one lap super fast and the next slow. This will build muscle. Freestyle is what i stick to but you can change strokes. Change it up, give the body something new – after you have achieved a PB. Or if your swimming is weak (like mine was) try to do 2-4 laps without stopping to catch your breath. If you re not used to breathing in water then you will need to time to adjust. You may need to get an instructor to check your stroke. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are giving your all for 30 – 45 mins each and every time and you can qualify progression. With your weights workout, keep a journal and write every set down after completing it. Then next workout, make sure you do a few more reps. Once you hit the rep max lined out above (12) – INCREASE THE WEIGHT. Every workout! This is not an exhausting regimen that you might be given by a trainer to get ready for an action film, its a practical plan to get in shape – For Most Men – while earning a living at the same time. But to get great results with only 3 workouts a week, you must make every workout a PB!



Again lets keep it simple and achievable.

A balanced & healthy diet of 3 meals & 1 protein shake per day.

Eat Real, Wholesome Food. Every meal should have one serve of the following:

1. Protein: Meats, chicken, turkey, tuna, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, low fat (high protein) milk, nuts and legumes.

2. Carbs: Brown Rice, Brown Bread, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Wholemeal pasta, rice cakes (peanut butter).

3. Fibre: Fruits & Vegetables: variety.

Look at your plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it should have one each of these on it. One protein (fist size), one carb and one fibre.

Protein Shake: If you think you have to lose weight get one with no carbs. If you think you need to gain weight, go for a bodybuilding weight gainer.

Cheat meal: Saturday Night. One meal of what you want & 2 glasses of red wine.

Rules:  Zero Sugar & Zero White Flour Products.

Staying Sane: Coffee or Tea – with no sugar (drink green tea with a drizzle of honey). Dark Chocolate.

Need a Boost: If you are in your 40’s or 50’s then you may need to some help in becoming this superman. Or if you are struggling with the amount of exercise, at whatever age, without a doubt, all you need – after protein & a multi-vitamin – is Creatine. Just cheap creatine monohydrate (micronised). 5g (teaspoon mixed with water) a day – every morning before exercise. This supplement will help you with muscle size, recovery and energy. Best supplement of all time.

Water:  Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Particularly if you take are taking creatine on this program, which needs extra water to work properly. All the food you are eating needs to be processed by this much water too and athletes just have drink this much and more.


Thats it.

Can this fail? YES. If you deviate and you listen to someone else, someone on the internet trying to sell you a supplement or if you change your mind or if you just listen to the all the ads out there about the secret to a great body. You will fail. To succeed you need to choose a plan and stick to it for the Full 8 weeks. Miss a meal but don’t miss a workout.

Stick to this and you will be asked to take your top off at a casting. It will affect how you carry yourself and the kind of jobs you attract. If you have a film or show coming up and you want to look HOT, this is the plan to follow…to echo Mr Pitt in Snatch (2000). And just to validate to yourself what you are doing, please take a before picture and after picture. The visual change will be Oh So Satisfying!!

Enjoy your buff bod.

The Leading Man Workout Plan




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