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This is what it is like. Soul searching while you make your body stronger and healthier. Good for you on both counts. Buy a pair of goggles today. Why is Swimming SO GOOD? Flexibility. Many workout regimes build your body up but not many of them make you more flexible. For many people, like myself, …

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2 Hours a Day

The temptation to work on your Online Business all the time is immense. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime, is best optimised by putting a daily limit on how long you work online. For me that is 2 hours. I work for Freedom above all else. I have found that when I limit my …

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How Much does it Cost to Start an Internet Business

  Are you aware that most traditional businesses fail in the first 12 months? Simply because they cannot create enough monthly cashflow to cover their costs. You’ll be suprised to know just how dramatically lower the costs/overheads are in Starting a Business Online. With a traditional business you will have to cover business loans, rent …

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