2 Hour Workday is Hard Work

Gil with a beer in London

With a 2 Hour Workday, I really did earn this beer.

Well, truth be told, here’s how it happened.

I woke up late. About 8am. Made a coffee and jumped on the Laptop. I clocked in two hours of total focus. I did everything online I need for my business to be productive and moving forward. With zero distractions.

Just got it done.


Well, my mate – who’s place I was staying at in London – said lets go for a bike ride! It was a gorgeous day, he had 2 bikes and gear to go with it – so we did.

  • We did the middle aged men in spandex routine.
  • We hit the tarmac and he put me through my paces.

Two Hour Workday

My God! This man can cycle. We embarked on an hour-long ride through the English countryside. Fast. Sometimes up hills and always in a bit of crazy London traffic. London traffic is crazy even on the outskirts. Overtaking cars, dodging little dogs and obeying the traffic rules which I didn’t really understand. But the hills nearly killed me. So he took mercy on me and after an hour of power-touring on a pushy, we stopped at a English Pub for a beer.

Or lager, as they say.

Visibly spent, he let me unload all my problems to him and took the beer pic above.

I was complaining about this that and the other, but the real problem was he beat me on the road and I was upset that I couldn’t keep up! So the 2 HR WORKDAY was actually hard work because of the bike ride after it. But once I caught my breath and checked my ego, I realized I had just had the best bike ride of my life!

Beautiful scenery and great workout with an Old School Friend in another country on holiday.


Me Sign

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