Gain Weight Skinny Guys

Gain Weight Skinny Guys


Gain Weight Skinny Guys

 Discover the Hodge Twins

There is so much mis-information on the internet about fitness and body alteration through exercise. Jump onto to Youtube and there are so many videos in this field. All of them screaming for your attention. Some of the advice is good, but alas alot of it, is shit. These two brothers however, Kevin & Keith Hodge, have come from no-where and built a brand on Youtube which is nothing less than out and out fame. They have done this by providing value week in week out, over 5 years. They built their bodies from tall skinny basketballers, to two very impressive physiques.

I have tried their routine below and Found Great Results. It goes radically against what you will find on and magazine craziness, that give out routines and work regimens that are impossible to stick to. They force readers to think they need supplements to do these damaging routines so they make loads of money. That rubbish has just created confusion. However Youtube and the Internet has changed the balance back to the average lifter.

If you are skinny in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s – then this will work if you want to gain weight and look strong and healthy. I have tried it and it works. But it is radically different to what the majority will tell you online. But it works. It works because they have lived it. I tried it and loved it. Solved all my over-training and recovery problems.


Gain Weight Skinny Guys

Gain Weight Skinny Guys


Work Smart. Be Free.




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