Have a Great Day


Have a Great Day.

have a great day


How often do we hear that? You get your change back at the supermarket and the girls says “have a great day.” You finish talking to a customer service person on the phone and they say “Have a Great Day.” You say goodbye to a friend and they say Have a Great Day. You read your Birthday Messages on Facebook and someone tells you to:  have a great day.

All of that’s lovely. But how do we do it?

How do we do it consistently? How do enjoy doing it? Not everyday as thats unrealistic but how can we have a few of these every month that are outstanding. Memorable.

Have a Great Day



Do we just realise that we get 84,500 seconds in a day and we need to SUCK THE JUICE out of every day? Do we realise that we are going to die one day and we best make the most of it? Do we just smile and hug people?

You can do all those things. But the video below shows a better way.

A way to trigger a Great Day At Will.


Have a Great Day.

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Work Smart. Be Free.

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