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Tips to help with your Internet Marketing.

USI Tech Coin

  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT USI TECH COIN This is an ICO – an initial coin offering.     REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE ACCOUNT > GET STARTED HERE   The Cryptocurrency BOOM is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity… Here’s what you’ll learn: The economic factors driving the growth of Bitcoin How to…

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Blockchain Explained

Blockchain Technology is very exciting. This will mean a fairer world, as well as a opportunity for you to make money. Lets say you are sceptical but you are intrigued – even in awe – of the Bitcoin price rise in 2017. It has been meterotic. Lets say that before you jump in and invest…

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Why Bitcoin is Just Too Good to Ignore

Do you know that the main reason why something takes off? Its is because it Fills a GAP in the marketplace. End of story. And it is for many companies and businesses out there that fail to listen to their customers. That is what has happened here. With Bitcoin. This is something you can just…

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Computers could take your job

A member of mine has just been made redundant. Just like that. A young woman in her 20’s and a lovely person. She is being kicked out of her apartment today and she is not yet struggling enough to be entitled to welfare or rent assistance. Welcome to America. But more importantly – Welcome to…

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How much time do you waste?

Train Laptop

  When building my online business there are many times when I felt I had no time to work on it. I was oblivious on how to be efficient with my life. But then I would look at my day and wonder if I was as productive as I could’ve been? I had this moment when…

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How Much does it Cost to Start an Internet Business

  Are you aware that most traditional businesses fail in the first 12 months? Simply because they cannot create enough monthly cashflow to cover their costs. You’ll be suprised to know just how dramatically lower the costs/overheads are in Starting a Business Online. With a traditional business you will have to cover business loans, rent…

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A Business With No Risk

Make a Stack

I would like to tell you that my business, is a business with no risk. Why & How can I say this? Well the first thing I ask myself is this… How much can I lose? Well what if all of a sudden this offer doesn’t convert or doesn’t sell at all. For some reason the internet changed its rules and individuals…

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Make an Impact


Are you making an impact on this world? Do you know how to make an impact? If the answer is no, I hear ya. I’ve been there. For many years as an actor I felt like I was going no-where. To others, it seemed that my career was building – gradually. And in the reality…

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My 100th Blog Post!!

Gil Congrats Call

Here it is. Finally. To celebrate this moment I have posted the video below – My Recent Congrats Call – from Misha Wilson my mentor and instructor in building a profitable online business. He called me on Skype to congratulate me on reaching the $2,000 a month milestone after only 4 months with The Super…

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You Already Have the Skills

London Bridge Selfies

All the skills for building A Digital Business you already have. All the skills you need to Live the Laptop Life – you already possess. You see most people have a smart phone. Most people, even people over 65, have started to master the art of taking Digital Photos with their phones. This means most people can…

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