Observations from a Lifelong Actor

How Arnold Made a Million Bucks – before Hollywood..

  Arnold Schwarzenegger Made MONEY.. He was a totally independent Millionaire Real Estate Investor in Los Angeles before he was successful in Hollywood. He bought a Santa Monica Apartment Building. Arnold was a 7 time winner of the best bodybuilder in the world competition – Mr Olympia. But he was poor because there was no money in the sport …

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Lessons from Errol

Lessons from Errol.. Scarcity thinking is downward spiral. Its a Catch 22. When you don’t have alot of money and you want to make more – its hard. Its even harder: when the bottom line gets closer and closer. I remember reading in Errol Flynn’s auto-biography My Wicked, Wicked Ways  – he said that when …

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Actor Moneyball

Having a Digital Business, running a Laptop Business – making a solid income from the internet – while you CHASE YOUR ACTING CAREER – really comes down to a monetary investment. I am going to spell it out to you. The Super Affiliate Network  (SAN) offers a 100% Digital Franchise that you run and operate yourself from …

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Get a Mentor

Get a Mentor   Want something? Want a specific result? Trying to achieve something and its not working or its taking forever? Wondering if there is a way to guarrantee a result? Well it may seem obvious, but if you find someone who has achieved what you want then you can study & copy them. …

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Actor Job Security

Actor Job Security Actor Job Security is not tenuous it is for the most part non-existent. However, in the Digital Age today Actors have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the internet to acquire and maintain a Business with very little start-up capital and very little more, than hard work. In time this work is reduced …

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