Observations from a Lifelong Actor

Lessons from Errol

Lessons from Errol.. Scarcity thinking is downward spiral. Its a Catch 22. When you don’t have alot of money and you want to make more – its hard. Its even harder: when the bottom line gets closer and closer. I remember reading in Errol Flynn’s auto-biography My Wicked, Wicked Ways  – he said that when …

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Get a Mentor

Get a Mentor   Want something? Want a specific result? Trying to achieve something and its not working or its taking forever? Wondering if there is a way to guarrantee a result? Well it may seem obvious, but if you find someone who has achieved what you want then you can study & copy them. …

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Method or Meisner?

What rocks your boat? Are you Method or Meisner? What are they? And or more specifically…are you confused? As a career actor you ought to be aware of the difference between the two even if you don’t use either, because you will come up against actors who come from these school of thoughts. I found …

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Hei and Lo- webseries

Do you want to be an Actor? Are you in another city of Australia and are wanting to move to Sydney to kickstart your acting career…the Emerald City? Are you dead serious on Acting and nothing else? Well…this web-series will make you feel better.   Two beautiful talented funny 20 something actresses inhabit this ‘mockumentary’ …

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