Dealing with Dementia

Dealing with Dementia

Dealing with Dementia is a hard thing. I have a family member that has vascular dementia. He is old and really you have to expect something if you live as long as he has. Its a slower decline as i understand, than alzheimers, but nonetheless ends up in the same spot. Being fed and bathed by a carer. Bloody terrible. But hey, the end is there for us all, eventually.

This person has always wanted to stay at home with his wife. Trouble is, he can’t be cared for by his wife as she is getting ancient too. But they don’t want to split apart by putting each other into care. Tough situation. What do you do?

The answer may not be obvious.

Dealing with Dementia

One family member thinks he should be forced into care and not burden his wife. Another – myself – thinks he should stay at home for as long as possible with lots of home care (which they can afford): because I have never seen a nursing home that is a nice place. Don’t judge me.

Retirement villages can be great, but when the need for care goes up in an old person, the GRIMNESS becomes very GRIM indeed. If you are half way demented and you go into a Dementia ward you will be surrounded by crazy people. Zombies effectively. Terrible if you know whats going on. So oppressive you could be excused for thinking that you died and went HELL. Or landed in the TV show Walking Dead – without a get out of jail card.

Growing old is hard. The man in question of this post had spent a hard working life in which all his dreams came true. He provided for a large family and ran his own successful business. Just as he had wanted. I figure, for a man who wanted things his own way his final act, should be the same.

He should die at home.

This man did give all his money to his children, grandchildren, some cousins and never indulged in his fancy of buying a Jaguar. He never got around to it. But really he never wanted to waste money on personal decadence – he wanted to keep it for the security of his family. Because of that – I think he should stay at home and get as much help as is neccessary.

Dealing with Dementia

Others will disagree with me. Others will say HIS WIFE is more important and needs to have some peace and quite at home for HER final years and it is his fault for not going into a retirement home 10 years ago.

Whose needs do you look after?

How do you look after your parents with dignity? How do carers continue on with their own lives.

The answer may not be obvious.

The answer may just be that there is no answer. The thing to keep in mind is that things may change – and you have to be ready for that. All you can is do your best and hope that tommorrow it will hurt a little less.

4 Tips to Dealing with Dementia in Your Parents

  1. Research the condition of dementia and the effects if has on the sufferer.
  2. Plan ahead for Respite. This is going to happen – if they live long enough.
  3. Meditate Yourself – this is the best way to handle stress and the circle of life we all have to accept. Transcedental Meditation is best. Click here to read my post on this.
  4. Start a Home Internet Business and care for them for as long as you can.

Dealing with Dementia

Home Internet Business

If you are considering to staying at home and caring for your loved one with Dementia – particularly as it can be somewhat a slow decline – then Consider Having a Home Internet Business.

You can run you business with a Laptop and alternate caring and working beautifully. Provide you with enough money to eventually put them in care without Wiping out the Family Savings.

They can be easy to start up and you can learn step by step – as and when you are available.

For many people facing long term money worries, doing this can be better than sitting in front of the TV and worrying and being helpless.

Click here to find out  –  HOW YOU CAN DO THIS.


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