Transcendental Meditation Sydney

Transcendental Meditation Sydney – TM

Transcendental Meditation is a kind of Heaven..

Transcendental Meditation Sydney is where my life discovered the brilliance of mother nature. When you experience it you will know the secret boundless centre of joy that resides in your body. All of that sounds like airey – fairy hippy bullshit, doesn’t it? Well this – possible clieche – is TRUE for TM.

I have nothing to gain by recommending this practice – as in I am not drawing a commission for everyone who signs up because of this blog post. I do however want my fans and readers to know that this is one of the most surest ways I know to find happiness.


Transcendental Meditation Sydney - Brad PittBrad Pitt said once that Happiness is over-rated. Perhaps what he means is that if anyone should be happy, it should be him. I mean he is probably the best looking man in the world in the 50+ category. He is massively wealthy, has a beautiful wife who has a brain, has heaps of kids and can do most film projects he wants to with other poeple’s money. The only downside is that he has lost his anonymity. But he is adored everywhere. The point is that all these things don’t bring happiness by themselves.

Inner Joy and Peace can.



I think this way because when I was a kid I was fairly spoilt and got lots of money and got any toy that I wanted. I had a grandfather who was making up for being poor as a kid in the Great Depression in 1930’s. I remember clearly that it didn’t help that much. My family and friends and activity was what made me happy.


TM – Transcendental Meditation is easy. I do it. I want to get back to doing it everyday but at the moment i use it in times of stress. Extreme stress. If I am exhausted or very emotional and my whole world is going upside down, I take 20 mins and do TM. The rest I get when doing this is SO PLEASUREABLE it always amazes me when I get back into it.


The list of benefits to your life, by doing it 20mins twice a day are long and meaningful.



Transcendental Meditation Sydney


Transcendental Meditation Sydney


You are smarter, healthier and happier with TM. You come out of it with a BIG DUMB GRIN on your face. Can you imagine living a life where stress really isn’t a problem . It’s not about making enough money before you become happy. Making more money will only bring you more to deal with. Its how you deal with Money Worries that counts. And won’t your relationships be better too. Of course. TM is not free to learn. There is a fee of about $1500 but take it from me, it is your safest bet to a Long & Happy Life.




Check it out if you are in Sydney by One Click Here


Work Smart. Be Free.




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