How Arnold Made a Million Bucks – before Hollywood..

  Arnold Schwarzenegger Made MONEY.. He was a totally independent Millionaire Real Estate Investor in Los Angeles before he was successful in Hollywood. He bought a Santa Monica Apartment Building. Arnold was a 7 time winner of the best bodybuilder in the world competition – Mr Olympia. But he was poor because there was no money in the sport …

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Actor Moneyball

Having a Digital Business, running a Laptop Business – making a solid income from the internet – while you CHASE YOUR ACTING CAREER – really comes down to a monetary investment. I am going to spell it out to you. The Super Affiliate Network  (SAN) offers a 100% Digital Franchise that you run and operate yourself from …

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Pilot Season – How to Survive

    Who wants to earn $6 an hour waiting on tables? Wouldn’t you rather work two hours a day on the internet? Here is a little video I made about how an Actor can survive in Hollywood. Watch this & please comment below.       GIL BALFAS  

Mr Depp

Mr Depp   To Meet Johnny Depp is a dream of many, myself, included. Not because he is my main childhood hero. Not because he is the be all and end all for me. He was just one of many idols we all would love to meet. Acting has always been my life focus and the idea …

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