Courage to Live an Extraordinary Life

Gil Colour

Courage is all you need. I think it was a Woody Allen film that I first heard that. Can’t remember which film but the in some philosophical moment a character said that “the hardest thing and the most important thing, in life, is courage.” I wholeheartedly agree with that. Maybe its been a personal issue…

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Style can be Cultivated

Aqua Suit

Do you Enjoy Fashion?   Style can be very rewarding. We live in a time where people are obsessed with their bodies but how often are you naked in public? Most of the time, lol, you are wearing clothes. With clothes you can dress yourself to look a certain way and really, anyone can look…

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Have a Great Day

  Have a Great Day.   How often do we hear that? You get your change back at the supermarket and the girls says “have a great day.” You finish talking to a customer service person on the phone and they say “Have a Great Day.” You say goodbye to a friend and they say…

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Happy 2016!!

  Happiness! What does it mean to you..   For me it’s when I am told that I am happy by someone who knows me. It’s when I see pictures of some event and I am smiling. Its when I am asked to smile for the camera – which as an actor I am asked…

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Build Your Emotional Bicep

    Tony Robbins – the world’s most successful Life Coach – biggest message or success technique is this. You can control your emotional state. You can develop an emotional muscle that creates Your Day to Day Emotional Life. He does pre-face this with saying that everything we chase, everything we want is an Emotion.…

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Better Sleep

Pussy cat

This is really important. I have been told that I look young for my age and its true I do look younger than I am and thats being objective. Some would say I am lying when i say my real age. I certainly look younger than any of my classmates from school. How have i…

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Dealing with Dementia

Dealing with Dementia   Dealing with Dementia is a hard thing. I have a family member that has vascular dementia. He is old and really you have to expect something if you live as long as he has. Its a slower decline as i understand, than alzheimers, but nonetheless ends up in the same spot.…

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t beat yourself up. Why do i say that? Well, the most mentally tough people don’t do this. Tony Robbins has a 10 Day Mental Challenge. He recommends going 10 days without hanging onto a negitive thought for longer than 2/3 mins. If you falter, then you have to start the…

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The Strangest Secret

The Strangest Secret   Earl Nightingale wanted to know why some people get on in this world and some don’t. He had a sermon-like late night show 50 years ago that equated to philosophy and self help. A Dad like version of Tony Robbins. A lovely man – you can hear it in his voice.…

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Style Rules for Grown Up Men

“A man is at the Peak of his powers between his late 30’s to his early 50’s.” This is so true. Having just entered this time zone. I feel it. I feel that I still have some looks to work with. I feel Like I have the experience to make a difference. I have the…

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